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At Bathroom Fitters Royston One of the most sought-after trends in bathroom fitting and design is wet rooms. Although they can be installed in most bathrooms, the installation is more complicated than a regular shower. It is important to understand how to install a wet area on different floors to ensure their success. Because your floor type will dictate every aspect of the installation.

What is a wet room?

Let's first define what a "wet room" is. A wet bathroom is one that has a shower area at the same height as the rest of its bathroom floor. It can be either completely waterproofed, or tanked. A wet room's floor slopes in the direction that a drain directs water away. Some wet rooms do not have any enclosures at all, while others have a shower screen that prevents water from splashing out of the area.

Professionals are best for wet room installations. Any mistakes in drainage and waterproofing can be very costly. Every wet room design must be considered in terms of safety, cost, and structural considerations.

Plan a wetroom

You can convert any size bathroom into a wetroom. However, if you have a smaller bathroom, it is important to protect your towels, toiletries, and toilet paper from being sprayed. We recommend that you install a divider panel in a small bathroom. Large shower sliding doors are a good compromise.

In a wet area, drainage and waterproofing are crucial. Because there may be more water than usual in a room, waterproofing is essential.

To ensure that water flows towards the drain, the floor must be sloped. The walls surrounding the shower and the lower portion of the walls in the wet area should also be waterproof.

It is important to think about the location of your toilet in your wet area. It is important to keep the toilet area dry. To separate the shower and the loo, we recommend that a glass sheet be installed. This will allow for space between dry and wet areas. Mira's shower divider collection is composed of beautiful shower glass panels that are well-suited for wet rooms.

Effective ventilation is essential for bathroom installation due to the high levels of moisture in the air. An extraction system that pulls moisture from the room and vents it outside should be your goal. Depending on the location of your bathroom, which fan type you need for it to be ventilated, and whether or not it is attached to an exterior wall, the type of bathroom ventilation fan that you need will also depend on this. Find out how to ventilate your bathroom.

Installation of a wetroom

You can install a wetroom tray on top of an existing floor. The rest of the floor can be built up to the same height, or inlaid. This is the same procedure for both structural and non-structural decks. The tray will raise the floor by 20 to 22mm depending on its size. If this is not an issue, this method is easy and provides great insulation.

You can make your home more valuable by making it a wet area. You should think carefully before converting your main bathroom to a wet area. It is possible to regret not having a bathtub, especially if it's something you will be moving. Most buyers want at least one bathroom in their house.

In the past wet rooms were only suitable for bathrooms on the ground floor with concrete floors. However, modern converting techniques have allowed any bathroom to be converted into a wet space with the addition of a waterproof subfloor.

What is the cost of installing a wet area?

You can expect to spend between £5,000-£10,000 to buy all the necessary items to create a wet area, including tiles, fixtures and fittings, as well as professional installation at a cost of around £1,500-£2,500.

Choose non-porous bathroom tiles such as ceramic or porcelain if you plan to use them. Porous tiles like slate, marble, and limestone require sealing every few months in order to prevent water damage. Floor tiles should only be used for bathrooms.

Our advice

Many plumbers recommend underfloor heating because it warms the tiles underfoot and dries out water.

Before you call the builders, ensure that you have considered every aspect of your wet-room design. Take your time when planning, from shelving to shower fittings. A specialist company is better than hiring a builder, plumber, or tiler.

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