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Bath Fitting

You don't want your money to be wasted if you plan to spend on a bathroom remodel. It is best to use quality materials and skilled fitters who adhere to established standards. This will ensure that you are able to last for many years. and that is what we at Bathroom Fitters Royston specialise in.

Although it may be more expensive because of the time it takes to install things properly, high quality craftsmanship is a good investment as it guarantees a bathroom that lasts for many years.

Poor workmanship can 'cost less' up front but it is still of poor quality if the work has to be re-done later at higher cost.

A new tub in your home will give you an opportunity to revitalize your bathroom. It also gives you the perfect focal point for your decorating ideas. It is rare that you will make such a large change, so make sure it goes smoothly.

You will need to have a basic understanding of how the bathtub works together and plumbing, as well as a good deal of confidence about your abilities.

Fitting a bath

While DIY is a great way to save money and time, it's best to hire an experienced professional to install and plumb your product. These instructions are only a guideline for fitting your bath. They should not be relied upon to do the full installation.

All our baths have a wood frame surrounding their perimeter.This reduces the amount of deflection that occurs when water is added to the bath. It is short-term, it's true. A 10 minute bath takes little labour, material, or comparable effort.

Although it may be more expensive because of the time it takes to install things properly, high quality craftsmanship is a good investment as it guarantees a bathroom that lasts for many years.

Poor workmanship can 'cost less' up front but it is still of poor quality if the work has to be re-done later at higher cost. Sometimes, it costs three to four times as much to fix things later than it cost to correct them right away. You only have to pay once.

Fitting bath taps

A new bath tap can make your bathroom look modern and chic.

This job is easy if you're lucky. It only requires the right tools, a little knowledge of how bath taps fit onto the bath and connect to your house plumbing.

If your job looks more complicated due to an older property, or difficult-to-reach plumbing, we recommend that you call a professional plumber to ensure that the job goes smoothly. The best thing about changing your bath tap yourself is that you can apply what you have learned to other taps in your home. Most taps have the same features so it's easy to change one.

We recommend that you install compression fittings in your home if possible. They can make it much easier to do future jobs. Many taps now come with flexible connectors that fit better than an old, resealed connection.

Fitting a bath panel

You will need at least one bath panel if you have a bath that isn’t free-standing. But how do you install a bath panel?

Depending on where the bath is located in the bathroom, there may be three panels. One for each exposed side. Apart from covering the tub's underside, a bath panel can also protect the piping and stop water from getting underneath. This could lead to mould.

You can find a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes in bath panels. They can be either functional or decorative and will blend with your flooring or continue the decor. A bath panel can be a great way to refresh your bathroom.

To hide the plumbing and protect the flooring below from splashes, bath panels are often used with straight baths. Bathrooms will need at least one panel to cover a bathtub and up to three panels for the toilet. They can be used on either the sides or front of the bath.

There are many types of bath panels, with a variety of finishes and designs, such as acrylic, wood and mirrors, and even panels that can be stored. The easiest way to make your bathroom look new is with a bath panel.

If you don't need a professional, fitting a bath panel is easy.

Shower fitting for bath

Showers have evolved to bring luxury and indulgence into the bathroom. We offer a variety of high-quality showers and fittings at an affordable price.

Mixer showers are extremely popular. They are available in many styles and can be used with high or low pressure systems. Mixer showers can be divided into two categories: the concealed and the exposed.

Thermostatic showers, which are mixer showers that control the temperature of water to prevent scalding, are mixer showers. Power showers, which are mixer showers that have an additional power booster to increase the flow rate from the showerhead, are great for low water pressure.

An electric shower does not need to be connected with hot water. This makes it a great option for spaces that are difficult to access or require extensions.

The best type for you will depend on how much wall space is available. A concealed valve requires an installation depth of between 50 and 90mm. Although exposed valves are more affordable, customers who prefer a clean design and a hidden valve mixer shower will be happier with concealed valves.

Mixer taps for bath showers are able to mix hot and cool water at the temperature you choose to fill the tub or make a shower. Bath shower mixer taps can be integrated into a bathroom without causing any damage or drilling into tiles.

Fitting a freestanding bath

The popularity of freestanding baths is growing rapidly, regardless of whether they are in a traditional or modern style. These baths can make a huge impact in any bathroom regardless of its size and will add great visual interest to your bathroom. After you have chosen the right freestanding bath design for you home, you need to plan how to install it in your home.

You should make sure that your floor is level before you install a freestanding bathtub. Some baths also have adjustable feet that can be adjusted to accommodate minor variations. You should ensure that the edges and sides of the bath are protected from any accidental impacts when moving it to its final location. It is important to have help as freestanding baths are heavy and can cause injury. Helping others will make it easier for both bath and person.

To ensure that your bath doesn't cause damage to your home's structural integrity, you should also have checked the maximum floor weight. To calculate the maximum load, you must allow for the bath to be full. A 200-litre bath with 200 liters of water will add 200 kg to its weight. A full bath will weigh approximately the same as one person. It is important to leave at least 50mm between your bath and the wall when you choose the location for your freestanding bath. This will make it easy to clean and allow you to keep access.

A common misconception is that freestanding baths require more work than regular baths. Installing a freestanding bathtub is as simple as installing any other bath. It only requires knowledge of how freestanding baths work.

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