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Bathroom Design

Our team will collaborate closely with you in order to create the bathroom that is perfect for your needs. With a bathroom designer who is dedicated, anything is possible. At Bathroom Fitters Royston - this is what we strive to achieve.

All the materials required to complete your bathroom will be supplied by us. We will supply everything you need, from plumbing to tiles and taps.

Bathroom installers from our company will do everything possible to deliver the highest quality work in a short time. Bringing incredible design at competitive prices. To ensure a complete service, we can offer Design, Supply & Installation.

The perfect showering area can be anything from the practical simplicity of a walk in shower to space-saving advantages of sliding doors. You'll be tempted to take a longer shower with our wide range of options. Pure Bathrooms offers a wide range of bathroom designs from top brands. We can help you create the right look for your bathrooms.

Bathroom Design Ideas

What could be more soothing after a stressful day? A long soak in the tub. This is, unless you have a bathroom that is old and you are unable to think of anything other than the moldy grout/peeling plaster/dripping taps. A bathroom makeover might be in order.

Although designing a bathroom can seem daunting, our expert advice and bathroom design ideas will make it easier. When you are thinking about bathroom design, there are many important factors to take into consideration. Whether you're looking for bathroom ideas or how to set up a bathroom that suits your needs best, we have a gallery of bathroom decor inspirations.

This bathroom is modern and white. All that is needed are clean lines and white with a few natural touches. Thanks to the continuous flooring and wall tiles throughout the space, the shower fades into the background.

A powder room can be used in many other colors than white. You can make it darker by painting it black. But don't be afraid to use beautiful artwork! Black is timeless and elegant.

Small bathroom design

You don't have to worry about a small powder room, or even a tiny shower stall. A small bathroom can be a distraction from your morning or evening routines and make them less enjoyable and, more importantly, less efficient. You don't need to limit your options in order to live large. Be careful not to give up and hire a broker to find you a place. These words of wisdom will help you make your tiny bathroom as beautiful and functional as possible. 

Do not be intimidated by large items in small bathrooms. A large mirror placed over the tub gives it an illusion of more space. Hanging it in an unusual place will also earn you style points.

Towel bars are the most efficient way to conserve surface space. A washstand that has towel bars will look sleeker if you are able to get one.

A shower curtain that blocks natural light can be too distracting for small spaces. Instead, opt for clear glass doors instead.

To make more space for shower curtains or hanging linens, you can lean a ladder against your toilet.

Blessed are the ones with large bathrooms...or are they? It's important to keep things small in your home, even if you have a large bathroom. Small bathrooms are a priority for us. There's plenty of ways to maximize your space.

Modern Bathroom Design

We help you visualize, design and maintain beautiful homes. You will find inspiring images of beautiful homes and spaces as well as architectural wonders, new design trends, and other inspirations.

Our modern bathrooms are clean and simple, which captures minimalist design in a refreshing way. To create an elegant and balanced bathroom, choose from a wide range of fixtures, including basins and toilets as well as brassware, mirrors, and brassware. Bathroom tile trends and bathroom flooring are all part of modern bathroom design. Take a look at these bathroom designs for inspiration.

The Academy collection is a sophisticated design, which puts storage first. It looks great in both small and large bathrooms.

The Academy mirrors have a modern, sleek design and a slide-light control that makes it easy to change the brightness and warmth of the LED.

Node is a contrast between forms. It features a square, monobloc shape with an elongated, gently tapered spout.

Our team is here to assist you! Our team can help you plan your contemporary bathroom.

Ensuite Bathroom Design

Your own personal sanctuary is an ensuite bathroom, which allows you to express your creative side. Check out these small bathroom designs and ideas for ensuite bathrooms.

Although it is small, an ensuite room can still be one of your most beautiful rooms. We can help you find the perfect ensuite, no matter how small or large.

Are you looking for a way to make your ensuite bathroom more spacious? This guide to designing an ensuite bathroom will show you how, and give some tips about styling your space. It can be difficult to buy an ensuite bathroom. You'll likely be dealing with less space than a family bathroom. Our expert buying guide will help you to understand all of these factors and provide you with great ideas for ensuite bathrooms.

Toilet and basin are two of the most important components in an ensuite bathroom. You'll find many styles and spaces-saving options for your ensuite with our range of basin and toilet suites.

Browse our entire range of enclosures for your ideal ensuite bathroom, including designer walk-in enclosures and sliding shower doors.

Bathroom Design Service

A complete bathroom suite takes on average 10 days. This includes plastering, tiling and electrical work. This depends on the size of your bathroom.

The arrival time for our installers is around 8:30 am (depending on their location), and they work till the end of that day. They can only start grouting once the tile adhesive is dry. Or they cannot paint until plaster is dry. Our installers will need to take time off site in these cases to replenish supplies. Your toilet will still be able to be used even if it is removed.

You will need to use the bathroom until work is complete. There may be a further 24 hour to let materials dry.

You can also supply your tiles, but we will need to determine if the tiles are porcelain or ceramic and what layout you want.

You can also have existing items like radiators or heated towel rails reinstalled by us. Sometimes, it may become necessary to perform unscheduled work for reasons that were not obvious prior to installation began.

We will discuss the matter with you once they have been identified to determine how we can proceed.

Installation and removal will create dust and other debris, but ourinstallers will sweep up every day. It may be worthwhile to seal doors in other rooms of the home to prevent dust entering.

Our experience is extensive. Our quotations include a complete service. One price and one supplier will deliver your fully functional bathroom.

We fit, install, refurbish and refit bathrooms in many local areas - including:

Reviews and Testimonials

We recently had a bathroom installed and have been thrilled ith the service we have received.
Jacob Carroll
We'd been messed around by our previous plumber. The team were punctual, clean and tidy and transformed my bathroom
Jemima Moss
These guys had the bathroom stripped out in a day  and managed to keep the water on during the bathroom fitting. We cannot fault the installation
Jeremy Cunningham
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